Terms of Service

Speedy VPN Member Automatic Renewal Service Agreement

TIME: 2020-03-03

1. Acceptance and modification of the terms of service

This agreement is made between Speedy VPN members (hereinafter referred to as "members") and our company (hereinafter referred to as "Speedy VPN") regarding members' use of Speedy VPN's automatic renewal entrusted debit service (hereinafter referred to as "this service") Agreement, this agreement describes the rights and obligations between Speedy VPN and its members regarding the use of this service and related aspects. "Member" means an individual or a single entity that enjoys the membership services provided by Speedy VPN. This agreement constitutes a prerequisite for members (regardless of individuals or organizations) to use the service provided by Speedy VPN. Unless the member accepts the terms of this agreement, the member has no right to use the service. The member's choice to use this service will be deemed to agree to accept this agreement Terms and conditions.

2. Service Description

2.1 This service is based on the member's need for automatic renewal. Under the premise that the member has activated the service, to prevent members from negligent or other reasons resulting in loss of timely renewal and loss, the member irrevocably authorizes Speedy VPN When the member's validity period is about to expire, the next billing cycle fee will be deducted from the balance of the member's own recharge account, the third-party payment account, bank card, and communication account (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "account") bound to the member account, The billing cycle includes but is not limited to monthly, quarterly, annual, etc. (the same below), members can choose according to the billing cycle displayed on the Speedy VPN platform. The premise of the service is that members have linked their Speedy VPN member account with the above account and can successfully debit from their above account.

2.2 Automatic renewal specifically means that based on the premise of 2.1, Speedy VPN uses the above account to charge members for the next billing cycle fee deduction method. Members need to ensure that Speedy VPN can successfully debit from the above account because the balance of the above account can be deducted If the renewal fails due to insufficient, the member shall bear the responsibility.

2.3 When a member enjoys the service, the use of the member is deemed to be his consent to the service terms of the service and various public announcements issued by Speedy VPN for the service.

2.4 The services provided by Speedy VPN to members are limited to members' use on the Speedy VPN platform. Any act of separating the services provided by Speedy VPN from the Speedy VPN platform by illegal means such as malicious cracking does not belong to this agreement agreed in this agreement service. All legal consequences arising therefrom are the responsibility of the actor, and Speedy VPN will investigate the legal responsibility of the actor according to law.

3. Rights and obligations of both parties

3.1 Speedy VPN is responsible for providing members with inquiries about the specific situation of automatic renewal charges, but it is not responsible for printing related invoices and forwarding them to members.

3.2 Speedy VPN deducts the cost of the next billing cycle through the above account of the member, which shall be deducted at the appointed time of the automatic renewal, and the amount will be recorded in the member's payment record, and the membership validity period will be extended accordingly.

3.3 If there is an error in the deduction process, Speedy VPN and the member shall cooperate closely to find out the reasons and bear the losses caused by their own faults; if the losses are caused by the unequal faults of both parties, the two parties shall bear the corresponding liabilities according to the degree of fault; Where losses are caused by the joint faults of the two parties but the faults cannot be distinguished from each other, the parties shall share the responsibility.

3.4 Speedy VPN may change or modify the relevant service content, rules and terms of this agreement according to its business development or technology upgrade, etc. Speedy VPN will inform users of the relevant changes or amendments through publicity on Speedy VPN related pages, but there is no obligation Make separate notices separately. If the member does not agree with the modification of this agreement, he can cancel the service and stop using it; if the member continues to use the service provided by Speedy VPN, the member is deemed to have accepted all the modifications of this agreement.

3.5 This service is a member's choice whether to cancel or not. If the member chooses not to cancel, it is deemed that the member agrees to Speedy VPN's deduction attempt according to certain rules. Once the deduction is successful, Speedy VPN will open the membership service for members in the next billing cycle. .

3.6 If the price of Speedy VPN service is adjusted before / after automatic renewal, the current effective price shall prevail.

3.7 Speedy VPN does not charge any fees for members to open this service, but Speedy VPN has the right to decide whether to charge the service itself or adjust the automatic renewal cycle and fees according to business needs or market changes and other reasons, and publicize to members on the relevant page.

4. Validity period and termination of the agreement

4.1 This agreement takes effect after the member chooses to accept or use the service, and terminates when the member terminates the service / cancels membership.

4.2 Members have the right to terminate this service at any time in the member account settings. After terminating this service, Speedy VPN will stop providing this service to members.

4.3 The member has entrusted Speedy VPN to automatically renew the deduction instruction before choosing to terminate the service. Speedy VPN will not refund the fees deducted based on this instruction.

5. Liability for breach of contract

If one party breaches the contract, the contracting party has the right to obtain compensation through the dispute settlement method agreed by the parties.

6. Dispute resolution and application of law

Speedy VPN and members shall resolve the disputes during the implementation of this agreement through friendly negotiation. If the negotiation cannot resolve them, either party has the right to submit the dispute to Shaoxing Intermediate People's Court for settlement. Issues related to the interpretation, validity and implementation of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China.